HutChu Games Origin Story

HutChu Games is the result of a lucky draw, a generous Queen, a winning streak, and an epiphany. This tale starts in 2015 when Adam won the grand prize at BGG.con. The grand prize, donated by Queen Games, was an all expense paid trip to Essen SPIEL. SPIEL is the world’s largest board gaming convention. When at SPIEL, Adam won every game he played ranging from party games to Euro-style games. On recounting his win streak with his mom, she said “this means you should design board games.“ Adam agreed and the rest is history. The greatest mystery, however, is that he convinced Woody, normally of sound mind, to quit his job and join him. (Maybe it’s because he agreed to let him have top billing — but who knows?)



Our Mascot:  Beezlegoat

First depicted in the Mad Scientist art in Plunderbund, the Beezlegoat also made an appearance on the Diabolical Genius.  Keep an eye out for Beezlegoat in future art and perhaps in new games.  In an outpouring of creativity, we initially named him a Bee Goat.  Fortunately, superfan and supporter Timothy James Lewis came up with a few suggestions for a new name and Beezlegoat won the hearts of our HutChu Games Insiders Group on Facebook.



Meet the Team

Team Photo from Essen SPIEL 2019

Team Photo from Essen SPIEL 2019


Adam, Laurie, Woody and Rebecca posing with Plunderbund at the New Releases Showcase. You can read the bios for Woody and Adam below. Rebecca is our lead prototype engineer, sculptor and blossoming InDesign professional.  Laurie is a sculptor who is taking the lead role in sculpting miniatures for a Plunderbund expansion.  Both Rebecca and Laurie are expert Plunderbund tutors and received broad acclaim at Essen SPIEL.  If you have met the team at events, you have likely met one or both of them helping teach the game.

Woody Hutsell

Woody Hutsell

Founder | Game Designer

When he is not designing, play testing and publishing board games, Woody is probably eating. With over 25 years of experience in consulting, marketing and computer storage, Woody took the next logical step to become a board game publisher. His first game, Plunderbund, is inspired by his experiences marketing emerging technologies to enterprises across the globe. Woody can be reached at [email protected] or via LinkedIn at

Adam Chunn

Adam Chunn

Founder | Game Tregetour

Adam was born with a cynical spoon in his mouth. That cynicism manifests itself in things like meeting introductions, email monikers and bios of all sorts. Please don’t expect much from this man except ill-advised religious/political discussions where he disagrees with everyone and then snickers about it. He claims to have “won” programming — but what the heck does that mean, really? Some of the titles that he has worn in life: Senior Engineer, President, STSM, IT Professional, Support Director, Grand Poobah, Engineering Thamaturge, and a bunch of other, sillier things. Really the only ones he scoffs at are “Senior” and “Professional” which promote some kind of expectation of respect. All that said, he has a large circle of friends, a loving family and a job in the Board Game Industry. What more can one want? Adam can be reached via email [email protected] or via Board Game Geek at @obiwanchunn.


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