Rescue the Stranded

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive natural forces on the planet.  They surge ocean waters onto dry lands, erasing evidence of human civilization.  They cause powerful wind fields that destroy buildings and hurtle debris.  They usher in torrential rain, flooding inland areas thought to be safe.

When a strong hurricane hits, most people flee inland to hotels or the homes of friends and relatives.  Unfortunately, these options are not always available or feasible.  These people are sometimes left homeless and stranded.  Luckily, a mixture of governments, non-government organizations (NGO), and charities step in to shelter these vulnerable people across the globe.

In Hurricane (the board game), players place shelters to rescue the stranded before a hurricane strikes and to provide a refuge for people strained after the storm’s wrath.

Hurricane, the board game, is currently being developed with plans for a Kickstarter during the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season.


Hurricane Game Cover

Art: (c) Joe Shawcross; Logo: Carlos Roy

Designer Interview

Special thanks to I Heart Board Games and Board Game Gumbo for chatting with Woody Hutsell, one of the designers for the Hurricane board game.