Supply & Conquer Mini-Expansion

Gain unique powers to conquer rivals!

In Supply & Conquer the rival guilds in Plunderbund gain asymmetric abilities. These abilities give more ways for guilds to enhance their reputation while also encouraging novel game play strategies.

The expansion includes 13 Supply & Conquer cards. Each guild gains two new abilities. The cards can be assigned to specific guilds or drafted during a new Winter draft.

Supply & Conquer is a fan driven and fan named expansion published by HutChu Games. 

Requires Plunderbund to play.

Thanks to Zach Turner for inventing the name for this expansion and Timothy  James Lewis for his play testing contributions.  This game would not exist without your help!

Art Illustration © 2018 Joe Shawcross.

Graphic Design by Bryan Key.

Expansion Design by Woody Hutsell and Adam Chunn.


Supply & Conquer

Expansion Contents

Supply & Conquer creates a new game dimension, one that encourages you to focus on new objectives during game play while carefully balancing base game objectives.  Each player selects different boons and buffs creating asymmetric strategies as they aim to be The Boss of Bosses!

Supply and Conquer is available as a Print & Play where you download the files, print and sleeve the cards on your own or as a product that we ship to you.

The expansion includes thirteen new playing cards and a brief rules page.  The cards can be assigned to players based on selected Guild Leaders or chosen in a new Winter Season draft that takes advantage of existing game mechanics.

Download the Rules here