Chaos Cove

Fight for your right to rum party!

A bell rings out and you know it’s time to fight. Ever vigilant, you assemble your team, riffle through supplies, and weapon-up to beat back the barbarian and pirate invaders. Compete with other players to cement your place in town lore. But cooperate or Chaos Cove is overrun. Top off your victory by tapping a barrel of rum or two … or three.

  • Martin Wallace at his best with a highly interactive worker placement game.
  • Deploy each of the 16 heroes of Chaos Cove while taking advantage of their individual talents, benefiting from a location perk and gathering resources needed to combat ever-tougher invaders.
  • Earn victory points by winning land and sea battles, building forts, deploying ships and throwing rum-soaked parties. Dice-less combat featuring one-sided uncertainty.
  • 16 hero meeples inspired by Mr. Cuddington’s art.

APE Games is the lead publisher for Chaos Cove. The game was co-developed by APE Games and HutChu Games.


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Chaos Cove Cover Art

Chaos Cove by Martin Wallace components